While it’s tough to pick three guys who had months that weren’t as good as we hoped, it is still possible.

Daniel Paille:

While he wasn’t alone in failing to compete in the early goings of game one, he’s certainly paid the most for it. Last year he plaid on all four lines and threatened to live up to his first round draft pick pedigree. Last season he led the teams penalty killing efforts to good effect and a solid chunk of ice time. This year he’s been replaced by a third round pick who came into the season with twenty NHL games played and not a single goal.  He clearly hasn’t impressed the coaching staff enough in practice to make Marchand’s stay on the roster temporary.

Patrice Bergeron:

With the preseason he had, including a five point game, and a contract extension one would hope he’d come charging out of the gates. Sadly this was not the case. It took five games for the recently resigned center to get his first point of the season, and after eight he’s got just four points. He’s also third of the four centers on the team in faceoffs. He’s actually under 50% in the faceoff dot for the first time in years. One has to wonder how many more points he’d have if he could win a few more faceoffs.

Tuukka Rask:

Like Paille, he’s been a victim of team play. Unlike Paille he’s gotten the chance to rectify his sloppy first game. Unfortunately for Rask and Bruins fans everywhere, the second game was not better than the first. Two of the goals he let in against the Rangers were rather fluky but the other was one he should have had. His play through two games this season is reminding fans rather pointedly of his post season meltdown against the Flyers. Is this a sophomore slump? Is it just the team playing poorly in front of him? Or was Rask just brought along too quickly? Only time will tell.

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