Jersey Revolt

2ndOct. × ’12

For this site to be enjoyable for as many readers as possible I try to separate PuckSage the fan from PuckSage the writer.  I cover the teams, I pay attention to what the players are doing in the arena and on the ice. But rarely do I write a post purely as a fan. Today is that exception.

I have half a dozen jerseys. I love them. I wear them year round. With the season’s scheduled start less than two weeks away I’m getting ready to do something I haven’t done in years; go an entire winter without wearing any NHL gear. Will the NHL miss the advertising? No. Will Bettman, Pegula, or anyone else miss it? Also no. But, wearing a jersey is about two things for fans. The first is admiration for the player and or team. The second is saying in this team, this league supports their fanbase. 

A league that locks out the fans twice every decade isn’t supporting the fans. I won’t support the NHL until games are being played.If games are lost, the NHL become just as unsupportable by me as those who sheltered Jerry Sandusky. I also won’t buy AHL jerseys, several of those teams are owned by their NHL affiliates, or share a very similar name and logo.

This doesn’t mean I won’t support hockey, or hockey leagues, or hockey players. But the NHL will get exactly zero dollars and zero cents in my money or advertising space.  Effective today, I’m on the hunt for at least one jersey from a junior, college, or other pro-league jersey.  Everyone from the Belfast Giants to the Frolunda Indians, the Muskegon Lumberjacks, London Knights,  Dayton Areos, Portland Junior Pirates, Moose Jaw Warriors, Acadie-Bathurst Titans or any other. Suggestions welcome, free jerseyies loved, treasured and worn often.

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