Season Forecast: Tampa Bay Lightning

30thAug. × ’12

The Bolts brought in a couple new faces this off season. After going from game seven of the Eastern Conference finals to finishing two spots and eight points out of the playoffs, it was needed. One of those additions has the potential for big impact, the rest are essentially maintaining the status quo.

Good News

  • Anders Lindback looks to be a damned impressive goaltender.
  • A healthy BJ Crombeen almost certainly moves their penalty kill up two or three spots minimum.
  • Just about all the additions to the roster have something to prove and that will make them hungry.

Bad News

  • The defense is still mediocre at the top of its performance curve.
  • Anders Lindback for all his skill and size is going to be in his first year in a new place, in a very different system, and he’s got less than 40 NHL games to his name.
  • They are still not a top three team in their own division.


High:  Bubble team, if there are disasters in other cities they get to about where they were last year, maybe as high as the eight spot.

Low: Afterthought. Lindback needs to be Vezina quality in order to drive this team to the playoffs, if he can’t  do that while playing 55+ games the off season will be long.


A simple look at the roster says the team has players that it can move around. If the brain trust decides to load up and increase the quality of the defense, or the offense goes from good to world beating the team suddenly takes on a completely different quality.

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