On paper, the Dallas Stars may be the most improved team in the Pacific Division. That’s good for them because they needed to improve having finished seven points out of the playoffs. The bad is that hockey is played on ice and not paper, and some of their additions are likely to have less impact than people hope. That said, Dallas fans can at least take some solace in the new ownership having both patience and far, far more importantly a direction. The players moved out are guys who have at one point or anther in their NHL careers, given people the opportunity to question their character.

Good News

  • Yet more Jamie Benn, Alex Goligoski, and Loui Eriksson.
  • Richard Bachman provides some hope for when Kari Lehtonen goes down for his inevitable injury/injuries.
  • Derek Roy should make the best pivot the team has seen in a few years.

Bad News

  • The two high priced forwards the team signed in the off season will be 41 years old before the next Stanley Cup is awarded.
  • After Goligoski and Daley the defense is rather meh.
  • Kari Lehtonen will miss several games due to injury.


High: Bubble team, if all goes well, given their offensive strength, the strength of their division, and Lehtonen’s quality of play when healthy they do have a shot at the 7 or 8 slot, or as tight as the division was last year, even the 3 spot.

Low: Lottery team, their goalie is good for a dozen or more missed games, they have two guys who will be 41, one of whom was not particularly healthy last season, and their second line center position is a myster. Their defense is nothing to write home about


We’ve seen several moves from the front office to shift the roster, a move for a high end defenseman, or a full wipe of everyone over 30 to rebuild hard and fast could be in the mind of the teams leadership, certainly aside from the two short term contracts to Jagr and Whitney, theyve been getting younger over the last year.


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