This off-season, possibly the last in which the Flames fanbase can be reasonably certain Jarome Iginla will be coming to play in the fall, the Flames did not much to improve. They had an interesting draft, going with Mark Jankowski who some considered a reach for the first round.  They brought in Dennis Wideman for a thiry or forty percent premium on his contract, and gave up assets to get him.

Good News

  • They still have Jarome Iginla, and Jay Bouwmeester.
  • They have over three and a half million in cap space as the Cap currently sits.
  • Darryl Sutter is no longer the general manager.
  • The Edmonton Oilers are still a much worse team.
  • Mike Cammalleri has way more heart than Rene Bourque.

Bad News

  • The roster is still lacking anything that resembles a bona-fide  first or second line center.
  • The 11 NTC’s and NMC’s will make it really difficult to improve through trading, even if the bad contracts didn’t.
  • Dennis Wideman.
  • The Wild improved more than they did.


High: Bubble team 7-10  if the defense and goaltending can come together well enough to cover for an offense that will continue to struggle they can squeak into the post season. It would take converting about three of last years over time losses to regulation wins, and one of hte regulation losses to a win.

Low: Afterthought. Even if the defense is the same as it was last year (14th in goals against) if  the offense doesn’t improve over last years 24th place finish, there isn’t going to be much joy in Calgary.


There are lots of them for this team. Jarome Iginla is rumored to be moved ef every season, and Jay Bouwmeester was the apparent target of at least two big market eastern conference powers trade talks. If one or both of these guys are moved, it rewrites the whole team. Iginla may be playing for a contract, or possibly planning to retire, either way he would want to go out on top. Then there is the infusion of players like Hudler, Cervenka, and Comeau who all have something to prove, one and all they could be upgrades or downgrades.


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