Please remember PuckSage, the NHL, your internet service provider, and anyone else you might want to blame for any stupid things that happen after you take the stupid step of taking part in the drinking game. Please keep PuckSage update with those stupid things if you please. Comments here or tweets to @PuckSage will be very entertaining.

Start with three drinks, and plenty of hangover remedies for the morning.

Take One Drink Each Time:

A former #1 draft pick is shown

Anyone at a draft table is shown own  the phone

A team picking in the top five thanks Pittsburgh for their hospitality.

A completely idiotic question is asked of a draft pick in their post selection interview

The nationality of a player is mentioned.

A talking head says how much they like a pick.

Each time¬†Mario Lemieux is shown when the Penguins aren’t drafting.


Take Two Drinks Each Time:

Bettman is shown at the podium to announce a trade.

A team selecting a player goes to the podium with a child identified as some executive or stars kid.

There is a close up of a jersey folded up so you can’t see the name.

The audience is shown and a prospect is shown phone in hand.

The draft board or a recap tells the number of players taken at each position.

One of the talking heads recalls playing with a relative of the prospect.



Take Three Drinks Each Time:

A picture or video is shown of a prospect that’s barely identifiable as them.

A prospect is selected and they stop to hug, high five or shake hands with more than four people.

A team makes a dramatic pause in the middle of their selection.

The prospect is not the tallest person on the stage.

Speculation of how NHL ready a prospect is goes on for more than 15 seconds.


Take Four Drinks Each Time:

A trade is made involving players you’ve never heard of.

A plug is made for free agency coverage.

Someone mentions the Devils could have forfeited their draft pick.

A general manager looks smug when they make their selection.

Gary Bettman steps to the podium and is not booed.


Switch drinks:

Each time a different league has a player taken.

Any time two general managers are seen talking.


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