Back in October I highlighted three players, all aging, all right wings, all stand up guys as players to watch. Of the three, two are still playing. Jarome Iginla, perhaps the best known of the three has been deprived of the post season again.

If Daniel Alfredsson plays his last game in the NHL in game seven of his Ottawa Senators series with eastern conference champions the New York Rangers, he’ll have to say it was a pretty good year. Not many picked the team to even make the playoffs. The Senators not only made the playoffs, they menaced the defending, and mostly intact, Stanley Cup champions throughout the year for the division lead.

At thirty and a lot the Senators Captain put up his best goal total since the 2007-2008 season. He was selected as All Star captain. In that All Star weekend he got to play with a number of his regular season teammates, countrymen Henrik and Daniel Sedin, and do so in his own barn. If he and his squad can clinch a second round berth there’s no reason he can’t hit the fifty post season goal total he stands just four away from. For that matter the eleven points to get him to one hundred career post season points isn’t out of reach,

When the original Winnipeg Jets uprooted and absconded to the infernal regions of the desert southwest they took with them a future icon. It’s doubtful many people tabbed the then sophomore Shane Doan to be the teams captain in years to come. It’s also doubtful that even the harshest critics of sunbelt expansion expected there to be anywhere near the angst, drama, confusion and financial turmoil that would haunt the team seemingly from day one.

Through ownership problems that span a decade (and counting) one thing has remained constant for the desert dogs and their fans. Shane Doan. Captain, consistently the hardest working man on the team and a leader in all ways. No one has been more dedicated to the Phoenix Coyotes or their fans. Free agents didn’t sign there because of the drama that contributes to historical low attendance, some players even refused to sign there after being drafted. Year after year when speculation turned to someone wanting to bring the Halkirk native to another city he quietly demurred and went back to community work between workouts and games.

Today, one of these three captains is assured of seeing the second round for the first time in his career. One of these icons has to win one more to join them, The third is likely weighing if he stays in the only city he’s ever known another year with a team that has more questions than answers.

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