We’re in that last sprint to the playoffs where will is even more important than skill and organization depth and a little luck can pay off like no other time before the sweet sixteen square off for battle. The bubble teams are the most exciting story this time of year.

If the LA Kings:

  • Are in, it’s because they remembered how to score for another two weeks.
  • Are out, it’s because that shameful reprobate Quick didn’t shut people out and score too.

If the Washington Capitals

  • Are in, its because they finally did more than just listen to a good coach and use their talents.
  • Are out, its because they deserve it. They should have challenged for the Presidents Trophy this season, not a lottery pick.

If the Buffalo Sabres

  • Are in, it will because miracles do exist. This team had everything go wrong this season.
  • Are out, because they had everything go wrong and that’s a lot to overcome…and other teams will sleep easier if they miss the 2nd season.

If the Chicago Blackhawks

  • Are in, it will because the rest of the defense stood up and played like men in Keith’s absence.
  • Are out, goaltending that ranged from godawful to erratically average all season long.

If the Phoenix Coyotes

  • Are in, Mike Smith, Ray Whitney.
  • Are out, lack of depth…a common problem in the division.

If the Dallas Stars

  • Are in, its because they got it done in regulation more often.
  • Are out, puck possession is a weakness, 21st in faceoff percentage, three more won faceoffs per game could have had a big impact.

If the Winnipeg Jets

  • Are in, its because the team dragged themselves in on pure will power.
  • Are out, blame leadership who chose not to bolster the roster at any point in the year.

If the Senators

  • Are in, it will be because someone was taking care of defense for “the greatest defenseman of all time”.
  • Are out, obviously it will be because Nikita Filatov was wasted in the KHL and AHL instead of being on the first line.

If the San Jose Sharks

  • Are in, they can thank coherent play and contributions up and down the lineup.
  • Are out, its because their window has closed.

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