With the playoffs oh-so-tantalizingly-close for some teams, and out of reach of many, here’s a few story lines to keep yourself busy while you wait for the second season.

  1. What franchise most needs to be blown up if they get anything less than the Cup? The Washington Capitals, San Jose Sharks? Or maybe its a near the top team like the Canucks who would be falling short again, how about the Wild?
  2. Which team likely to finish in a 6, 7, 8 spot is most likely to score a first round upset? In the east the Senators are playing well in front of Bishop and Anderson will be back soon. The Washington Capitals Ovechkin is warming up again, and Backstrom is skating again. Out west as tight as the Pacific division is, any 3-6  is likely to be an even closer matchup than the 4vs5 spot.
  3. The two most deserving candidates for two top awards are likely to get screwed, how many will end up voting against Kovalchuk for Hart and just as bewilderingly for anyone other than Dineen for Jack Adams?
  4. Will we see a suspension for anyone on a team jockeying for playoff position? We know the #NHLWheelOfJustice works in mysterious ways, will it take away the chance for a troubled franchise to rake in a few extra dollars by suspending a star?
  5. Can anyone catch the St Louis Blues in the race for the President’s Trophy?
  6. Will the Red Wings spiral continue once the playoffs start?
  7. Having finally matched the career best he set when he was in Boston of 36 goals, can Phil Kessel actually hit the 40 people have sworn up and down he was good for?

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