As if deadline day weren’t enough excitement to drain the hockey world of all emotion for everything until the playoffs start, it appears there are changes in order for the way the greatest game on the planet is played. The sharp eyes as the The Black and Blue Blog (@BlackBlueBlog) of the USHL’s Lincoln Stars spotted and retweeted the spoiler:


The official NBC feed later deleted and replaced it with a tweet indicating hockey as we know it:

Great shot by @. How will the @ respond in the 2nd Period? #NHL
NHL on NBC Sports

They even attempted to further confuse the issue, using the oldest trick in the book. They apologized as if it were nothing, then immediately asked a question to change the subject.

@ looks like we called that one wrong we apologize... Who are you rooting for to win tonight? @ or @?
NHL on NBC Sports

But I doubt hockey fans will be fooled. Clearly this is all part of a Bettman attempt to sell hockey to soccer moms and basketball fans. Better still three stoppages in play will allow for more sponsorship of intermission shows, still more Geico commercials, and maybe even more interviews with players with a network towel around their neck uttering cliche after cliche.

More as the story develops.

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