Trades are often a hard thing to gauge, but some just make more sense than others. Going back over the last few weeks there are some teams who have addressed their needs.

Philadelphia Flyers.

Probably the biggest winners thus far. With all the injuries to the team this season, and all the question marks about this mad science experiment they went out early and addressed the sieve that has been their blueline thanks in large part to the injury to Chris Pronger. Neither Grossman nor Kubina can replace what Pronger does, but they are on the ice and each brings an element to strengthen the team.

Los Angeles Kings

They dealt from a position of strength in moving a defensemen who is talented, but not living up to their (possibly misplaced) expectations and getting a player who enhances what they have and addresses a need. Jeff Carter for all the concerns some have over possible partying is at least a part of the solution.

Montreal Canadiens

The train wreck of a season that has happened to the organization the last few weeks have had some benefits. Hal Gill was moved for a couple well regarded prospects and a second round pick. Andrei Kostitsyn was moved out for a 2nd round pick and a 5th rounder. Gill’s movement left room to further evaluate the young players, by moving Kostitsyn they dump a distraction and disappointment for further picks, and if needed for trades later today more cap space.

New Jersey Devils

If the Flyers aren’t the biggest winners n the NHL so far, it has to be the Devils. They got a mobile top 4 defenseman who wants to be there. They got Alex Ponikarovski back on January 21st and all he’s done is pot 11 points in 15 games. Between the two the Devils have managed to pitchfork teams out of the way as they’ve climbed up the standings. On January 20th before acquiring Ponikarovski they were up on 8th place by just 2 points with equal games played, today they are 6 points up on the eight spot with three games in hand on 7 & 8 and two on 9.

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