Jeff Carter to Los Angeles:

Not a bad move. Who knows if the Kings had done this in June or July they might not be in a position where they start talking about trading their captain. Carter and Richards have a great deal of chemistry, some of it even on the ice and not the bar room variety. Carter is undeniably talented, will surely be able to find something he likes to do in his off time more easily in LA than Columbus. For the Blue Jackets, if Jack Johnson can get out of the spotlight and refocus on getting his game to a level where he justifies being picked right after Sidney Crosby and Bobby Ryan. With the swap the Blue Jackets also gain some cap space, time off the end of the contract and a 1st round pick. If Johnson does elevate his game the Columbus faithful would arguably have two top twenty quality defensemen with Johnson and Wisniewski patrolling the blueline.

Dustin Brown on the market?

This is just a Gauthier like level of insanity. Unless he’s specifically requested out of the city, moving a physical, 30 goal potential, leader is absurd. The only potential justification is a huge return both in terms of immediate assets and character. If they are getting back Jonathan Toews or that type player it could make sense but even assuming that level of return, you’re almost certainly adding 2-3 million in salary.

Subban the Slugger

P.K. Subban (@PKSubban1) got into his fourth altercation in practice of the season. I don’t know if this is an NHL record, but its still impressive. Among the “complaints” is that Subban practices at game level intensity. One wonders how much better the Canadiens would be if Subban weren’t the only guy trying that hard all the time? Given that this horrible accusation was leveled at Ray Bourque as well I suspect its unlikely any sane coach or GM will ask him to tone it down. That said he is playing in Habsland.

Soderberg for…wait I need a new punchline

Rumors of Carl Soderberg ending up in the Bruins system in more than just a paper form have swirled for years. I honestly doubt anyone in the Boston front office has held out any serious hope of hit happening in the past two or three years. If he does land in Boston or Providence next summer this could be one of the best things to happen to the organization in a while. If he goes to Providence to acclimate to the way the game is played this side of the Atlantic, it makes that team better instantly. Having a more mature, and hungry player leading could be just the defibrillator needed for more than one prospects development.  But what in the world will Bruins bloggers and fans find to joke about if he does come over and stay awhile?

Hart Trophy update

Dear New Jersey Devils fans,

If you aren’t screaming MVP every time Kovalchuk touches the puck you’re doing it wrong. 3 points behind the highest scoring left wing with six less games, leads all forwards in time on ice by a lot, tons of PK time on a very effective unit, short handed points, averaging over a point per game, on pace for yet another 30+ goal season.

Asterisk Over

The Vancouver Canucks ended the Red Wings record* home winning streak at 24. Maybe now the national media will remember to take a look at Detroit’s sub-.500 road record when talking about the playoffs. By comparison, the Montreal Canadiens who will likely be drafting in the lottery this year are even on the road this season.

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