If one didn’t know better they’d think Rick Nash was the only player available at this deadline.  Hence this extra special edition of Rattling The Boards

To no ones surprise the New York Rangers are among the (29) teams reported to be pursuing Rick Nash. North Jersey

Die By The Blade thinks that Nash might not be the perfect fit in Buffalo.

Apparently the Rick Nash talk is over the top. Who knew? Apparently  Silver Seven.

It must be nice to be Leafs GM Brian Burke and have several million personal assistants:

@ just letting you know Rick Nash is available

There are reasons (even good ones) for the Dallas Stars to get Rick Nash. The Hockey Writers

Unless of course the Dallas Stars decide to go after Jeff Carter instead. Defending Big D

You’d never know it to ask around, but apparently one or possibly two people are of the opinion that the sticker price on Rick Nash is a little bit high.  Blue Shirt Banter

Lyle Richardson offers of a hot plate of who’s in and out of the race over on THN.

Someone dared suggest that there might be downsides to acquiring Nash. Go scold him here. Elliott Friedman

You can’t fight city hall, other players potentially in play at the deadline and what they think of the Nashstakes 2012. Mayor’s Manor

From Columbus fan, the only Rick Nash trade they could handle. Jackets Cannon

Gasp! More folks who don’t want Rick Nash. Shocking!! Infamy! Canucks Army

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