Making an argument for Zach Hamill, the Calgary Flames.  Nick Symon

When old teammates come back to haunt you, the Senators that were. Peter Raaymakers

For all you stat geeks who want yet another way to compare your a measurements, here’s one I hadn’t considered. A certain western conference defenseman is already cringing. Justin @ BlueSeatBlogs

A look at an injured center and what makes him tick. No, he’s not 87 or 91 but 21. Mike Vogel

Here’s the best fight of the week, get your popcorn and forget the coffee you won’t need it after this humdinger.

The BlackHawks are struggling. The Oilers loss stings a bit. Al Climaglia @ Hockey Independent

From Zurich with lust to Sochi with love here are the qualifying teams for 2014. IIHF

In the hunt for your teams 2013 draft pick, why not “The next Patrick  Kane” one Mr Shinkaruk, your draft year began a bit early. No pressure. Brendan Ross for Dobber Hockey

Kirill Kabanov got knocked for a loop. He wasn’t the only Islander to have a bad day this week. Dominick Islanders Bits

A quick look at the USHL trade deadline. Slightly Chilled

Building a good program at any level does not happen by luck, here’s a look at some of what makes up your favorite college program. Grand Forks Herald

Just in case you haven’t gotten enough of small skilled forwards today, here’s one the Flyers may have whiffed on. Dan Sallows



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