In case you fell out of a dimensional rift in the last few hours, Sam Gagner taken 6th in the 2007 NHL Entry draft, and restricted free agent at the end of the season, had a good night last night. An eight point night to be specific. The last time that happened he hadn’t been born. He shares the Edmonton Oilers record of 8 points with a couple guys who’s names you know so I won’t bore you with them. Here’s the video of last nights fun:

Am I the only one greatly amused by the Mcguire for Canadiens GM movement that seems to be sweeping the hockey world? Honestly, I know he annoys some people by being on the air. This won’t help. He’s likely have a press conference daily any way, and how long do we really think it will take the Bell Centre faithful to eat him alive and force Molson to replace him? In his extensive tour of duty as a coach back before the lockout, the CBA, Sidney Crosby or the ends of the Stanley Cup droughts in Chicago or Boston he lasted all of six months. No coaching and managing are not the same task but Mcquires capacity for the first has to be used as a benchmark or ballpark figure to estimate his ability at the second. It’s realistically the only benchmark. His only other head coaching experience was in the ECHL, another team that failed to reach the playoffs under him.

The other slice of the “Habs need help” pie is just as hilarious. That being the Patrick Roy for coach. First the thought of Roy bellicose aura not killing and eating Mcquires ego is just too much for words. Anyone thinking the two personalities could coexists  as anything other than a Jersey Shore gone hockey reality show is deluded. Saint Patrick is owner, general manager, and coach of his QMJHL Remparts. That isn’t hugely uncommon, but I don’t think Roy ever shared the spotlight at the NHL level except when he went to Colorado. I really, really don’t know how well he’d do in either Montreal or Colorado where rumors surface every six months about him arriving to drive the suckage from the mile high city. Assuming he jumps to the NHL, either team is pretty bad and unquestionably need fixing, but if he’s the right guy is a different question entirely.

The upcoming NHL Entry draft will soon emerge from the shadow of the NHL trade deadline and playoffs. The unsurprising, but still important news that this draft class contains almost no forwards worth knowing is pretty apparent from who has been talked about. Dumba, Murray, Finn, Keokeok, Trouba, Ceci, Finn, Reilly, Reinhart are just a few of the young men who have been mentioned as potential top 15 picks on multiple lists this season, and all of them are defensemen. That’s pretty amazing given the aversion some NHL general managers to drafting defensemen. Knowing several of the GM’s who will be drafting early, expect no more than 5 defensemen to go in the top ten, three is probably more likely. The only thing I can see changing that would be those GM’s trading their firsts for NHL ready prospects or players.

When the NHL CBA talks eventually become the top news in the hockey world, don’t think for a minute this will be as simple as owners vs players. This will be big market teams vs small, older players vs younger, stars vs role players. Divisions will center around revenue sharing both among teams and with players. Escrow figures and who if anyone will be be exempt from them are a likely topic as well. One of the favorite topics of pundits over the last month or two surrounding the next collective bargaining agreement is if there will or won’t be a one time get buyout period similar to the NBA’s to rid teams of bad contracts. An issue that might or might not come up is Olympic play. With the 2014 Olympics looming, some players will be very eager to represent their country even if the NHL doesn’t formally break for the festivities. Realignment will also end up on the table. I would not be terribly surprised to see ownership pushing for a unilateral right to rearrange divisions and schedule formats.

Future NHL Head Coach Shawn Thornton has a solution the Boston Bruins current woes:

"It’s simple: show up." - Shawn Thornton, after loss to Carolina on what the Bruins can do differently
Shawn Thornton Says

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