Ladies and Gentlemen, future stomach pump users, and porcelin god worshipers welcome back to!

Take 1 Drink:

Everytime a player is mentioned as playing with or against Hanafin, Eichel, McDavid.

Hear someone talk about a draft prospect “playing against men”

A junior coach or general manager is mentioned.

A prospect is selected and they stop to hug, high five or shake hands with more than four people.

When someone talks about a player choosing to go to college or play in the USHL over the CHL.

Whenever the home nation of a Non-Canadian player is mentioned.

You realize that despite a change in leadership a team is screwing up their draft.

Take 2 Drinks:

When you see the sibling of a prospect on tv.

The size of a player is mentioned.

A trade is made involving players you’ve never heard of.

A former NHL player turned GM/President is on tv.

When a traded NHL player is interviewed or shown on tv.

When someone is mentioned as being able to fly.

How long a draftee is away from being an NHL player is discussed.

Take 3 Drinks:

When you hear someone mention bloodlines and/or pedigrees.

When a prospect earnestly answers a question about their childhood as if it were half a century in the past.

Someone brings up the relationship between brothers who are both/all players.

You wish your local announce team were doing the draft.

How many times the Edmonton Oilers have drafted number one in the last decade is mentioned.



When a player is taken ahead of Noah Hanafin.

Whenever two or more players at the same position are drafted in a row: (RW, LW, C, D, G).

Whenever the phrase “hard to play against” is used.

A former #1 draft pick is shown.

Each time the word “generational” is used.



Enjoy, try to remember what happened and check back soon.