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Revenue Based Voting For NHL Owners

Sep. × ’12

It is clear to anyone with even a casual interest in the NHL that there is a clear and marked divide in the ownership ranks. One the one hand their initial salvo at the CBA negotiations said one thing, and their growth and this summers contracts say another. The demand for five year contracts as […]

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NHL Lockout: Quantifying The Secondary Losses

Sep. × ’12

One question I haven’t seen any ask, and certainly no one has an answer for is how badly a lockout will affect not direct revenue, but the secondary information sources, and total fan engagement. The very biggest sites and sources will still be around, mostly. But will they still be in the same form? Will […]

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Highway To Hell: NHL Lockout

Sep. × ’12

The NHL Owners are set to end the greatest financial era of the NHL as a whole has seen in the modern era. They are doing that despite knowing the consequences. They earned money hand over fist despite an world wide economic recession. There are no grounds, other than greed, on which to base this […]

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USHL Kicks Off Their Pre=Season

Sep. × ’12

America’s top youth league is kicking off their year as we speak. The USHL’s teams will take to the ice in preparation for another exciting season of fierce competition among the sixteen member teams. The USHL produces quality players not just for the NHL, but for colleges and universities across the nation. Nationally acclaimed hockey […]

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Carolina Hurricane Potential Lines

Sep. × ’12

Ever since the speculation of  Jordan Staal moving to the Carolina Hurricanes came into being, what the lines will look like in Raleigh has been question one. There are half a dozen possibilities worth considering, and immeasurable others. Both Jordan and Eric Staal have played the wings, Jordan more often given his now former teammates. […]

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Interview: Josh Mervis Owner USHL Muskegon Lumberjacks

Sep. × ’12

Special thanks to today’s interviewee, Josh Mevris he is Owner, CEO and General Manager of the United States Hockey League franchise the Muskegon Lumberjacks and kindly agreed to put up with my questions and spend some of his time telling the world about an organization he is very proud to be part of.   What […]

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Dear Owners, You Will Lose The Most

Sep. × ’12

Dear Owners,   You will lose the most. Short term, long term, medium term, it can’t work any other way.  It really is that simple, the playersmight lose a year of pay if they don’t make arrangements to play in another league, for you it isn’t that simple. Short term:  Owners will lose ticket and […]

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