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Joe To Go?

Jul. × ’12

Joe Thornton is the name of the day. For those who someone missed it, he’s still one of the best centers in the game. He’s got a 200 foot game, plays physically, and nearly as dirty as Sidney Crosby or Danny Briere at times. He skates well, is one of the three best passers of […]

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Inconceivable: Top RFA Defensemen Remaining

Jul. × ’12

Someone needs to explain to several NHL general managers the concept of not letting others set the value of your commodities. Set the price and move on. If you have a good player lock them up as soon as possible and then move on. You’ll be setting the bar for others, not the other way […]

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Bobby Ryan, Boston Bruins, NHL Draft Picks

Jul. × ’12

The Bruins have been one of the much rumored most interested and or best bidding in the suitors for Bobby Ryan since word came out that he was disgusted by being scapegoated for the last two or three seasons. It is hard to look at his career and not imagine what a boon he could […]

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Claude Julien On His Way To The Top Of Bruins Coaching Ranks

Jul. × ’12

Claude Julien signed a contract extension today that will see him stay in Boston a while longer. Julien has won at every level he’s coached and while he’ll likely deny it, he’ll get the opportunity to be the winningest coach in Boston Bruins history. He’s currently 133 wins from tying the legendary Art Ross for […]

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Depth, Draft Picks, And Defense: Columbus Picture Becomes Clearer

Jul. × ’12

Scott Howson takes a lot of heat. Some of it deserved, some of it just plain silly. Could things with Nash have smoothed over? Possibly. But even for a hockey player who’s the face of a franchise Rick Nash played an unbelievably passive aggressive game with the media, the fans, the Columbus team and well […]

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Realignment: The Three By Ten Model

Jul. × ’12

During last years realignment debate several things became apparent. Some of them are league needs, some are player needs and some are fan and or team needs. Realignment needs to preserve as many major rivalries as possible. Travel should be as equal as possible given the concentration of teams. Every team should have a mathematically […]

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Is Tim Thomas The Smartest Man In Hockey?

Jul. × ’12

The current labor situation is filled with reasons to reexamine what we know. Let’s start with the facts: The NHL Ownership has staked out a position that appears to be a draconian assault on the players union. Anyone paying attention for the last two or three years knows that this CBA is first, second and […]

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What’s the Return If the Nashville Predators Trade Weber

Jul. × ’12

There are three things the Flyers should want back in any trade that removes their captain and best player: Skill. It doesn’t matter if it is offensive skill, or defensive it has to be a player who will get top six or top two minutes. Leadership, if the worst for the Predators does happen and […]

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Shea Weber Signed To Offer Sheet: Should The Predators Match? – Update

Jul. × ’12

Update at bottom News broke that Shea Weber had signed an offer sheet with the Predators. Exact details are unknown, but Dreger suggest it is a huge deal. At $100million and fourteen years the compensation would only be two first round picks, a second and a third. As the Philadelphia Flyers are unlikely to finish […]

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