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Lidstrom Retrospective

May. × ’12

The Detroit Red Wings captain and identity is retiring today. He’s been a loyal soldier. He’s been a great defensemen. He’s been the fulcrum by which the Illitch family and their staff have moved the hockey world. In short he’s been the best thing to happen to the Detroit Red Wings in the past three […]

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Full Circle: The Stanley Cup Finals Begin

May. × ’12

This is the the beginning and end for more than just the two organizations playing in the finals. Teams that were eliminated in the first round, or never made it in will spend this last stretch of the marathon evaluating what works best for other teams, who might reach the free agent market, and of […]

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The Draft Top Five: Minnesota Wild

May. × ’12

The Minnesota Wild are in an interesting position this coming NHL Entry Draft. They don’t have a bad team, certainly not a bad core. They just can’t seem to catch a health brake. Despite a rotating cast of well, every position they were thirteenth in goals against. They were fifteenth on the penalty kill as […]

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New York Rangers & New Jersey Devils Series Wrapup

May. × ’12

Back half an eon ago, at least in terms of news cycles I previewed the series.  Depth and health were the two keywords, and whiled they did play a pivotal part, the component I don’t think anyone looked at was something that seems obvious. The New York Rangers did not have any killer instinct. They were good […]

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Hamill Traded For Bourque: Beginnings Endings Or Both

May. × ’12

Zach Hamill who the Boston Bruins drafted in 2007 in the first round is no longer a member of the Bruins organization. The first few years of his stay were more eventful for their injuries than their production. Two years ago he emerged to lead the Providence Bruins in scoring. Last season he spend a […]

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The Draft Top 5: Edmonton Oilers

May. × ’12

As we’ve seen more and more over the last several years, to win the Stanley Cup, you need balance. Right now the Edmonton Oilers lack the balance of champions. Right now they lack the balance even to be a playoff team. Given that they play in the worst division in hockey, that’s saying quite a […]

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Phoenix Coyotes – LA Kings Series Wrapup

May. × ’12

Despite the short duration, the Coyotes and Kings put on one of the best shows of this post season. This is what division mates are supposed to look like. The pace was great. The action, physical, crisp , relentless and for the most part clean. While it will offend some folks in tinsel town, Mike […]

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Goalie Depth: Boston Bruins Sign Niklas Svedberg

May. × ’12

Report out of Europe indicate another addition to the goalie stable. The Bruins who signed WHL standout Adam Morrison have added another talent to the equation. Now before we dive into who might or might not be traded Niklas Svedberg does have some pretty outstanding numbers in the playoffs, and more than respectable numbers in […]

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New Addition To The CBA

May. × ’12

One of the things the NHLPA and Ownership desperately need to come together on is a reasonable system for suspensions and fines. Currently Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Safety can decide to suspend a player for a hundred games with no real recourse for the player, the players association or the team that […]

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