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Bruins vs. Leafs wrapup

Mar. × ’11

Everyone knew coming into this game that the Toronto Maple Leafs were not merely hungry, but ravenous. The Bruins were coming in off a pasting of the Chicago BlackHawks. The two teams have traded back and forth over the years with the two most recent ones being blockbusters with Kessel going north in the first […]

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Baby B’s

Mar. × ’11

The Providence Bruins have been eliminated from post season play before they even get there for the second time in a row, the question of who’s going to join the big club for the second season. A look at Boston’s needs is probably the best way to eliminate players as despite their performance as a […]

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Dickens Said it Best

Mar. × ’11

Tonight the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens squared off, and no more fitting summation of the game can be made than to reach back into the annuls of time and borrow a bit of literary history for the game so recently entered into the books:   It was the best of times, it was […]

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See 3 P’s

Mar. × ’11

I was amazed yesterday to discover that the NHL front office actually managed to suspend Matt Cooke and come perilously close to filling their athletic supporter. A taking him off the ice for 14-17 games is possibly the best thing to happen to the NHL since the lockout This also marks the first time the […]

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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Penalty Kill Percentage

Mar. × ’11

Perhaps the greatest American (or other) writer of all time Samuel Clemens once said “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” and surely he had it right. One need do no more than watch any NHL game with any combination of teams and you’ll see it played out over and over […]

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As Gramma Used to Say…

Mar. × ’11

Max Pacioretty states he believes the NHL should have given Chara some sort of suspension for the routine hockey play that resulted in his own injury. As my grandmother used to say For every finger you point, three point back at you.

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Off the Faceoff

Mar. × ’11

Off the Faceoff is a semi-regular feature filled with a varying number of one(ish) line thoughts, mostly on hockey.   In regards to the Issue of the week: You always know where you are and who’s where on the ice. Me: B**** Please! How many times a season are we treated to the sight of […]

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Media Ghouls

Mar. × ’11

I’m always amazed, and disgusted when people who don’t otherwise have the time of day hockey, or at least direct interface with fans pop out of the woodwork to condone an action and make sweeping comparisons to other actions whose connection is tertiary at best. These are the media members who had they the intestinal […]

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5Down Bruins – Habs

Mar. × ’11

Ugly game in many respects, see my previous post for all the non scoring counts. See my Twitter account @pucksage for various additional points Yes, yes it was. Three shots on goal, three of his shots blocked, 81% in the faceoff circle, and a registered hit. Trash talk spill over? Not really, it was a […]

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