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Doubting Thomas?

Oct. × ’10

So, last spring during that ignoble dive into the wrong history records, how many of you believed the reason Thomas wasn’t put in was that Julien had no confidence in Tim Thomas? I know some of you simply expected it was Julien’s well known, occasionally excessive, stubborn loyalty to a player that kept Rask in […]

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Peter Chiarelli, Proactivity and Trades that make sense

Oct. × ’10

Peter Chiarelli has stated he wants to be proactive in addressing the pending cap crunch. For the purposes of this article trades have to make sense to all parties concerned. This means that if a player has a no trade clause, the place they might be shipped to has to be a strong playoff team, […]

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Boston’s Goalie Contraversy is Over.

Oct. × ’10

Mark My Words! Tuukka Rask is done, finished, kaput! With his truly outrageous play, both this season, and against Philadelphia this spring he may be in the minors or on a team with a General Manager who has sucker painted on his forehead by the All-Star game.  Anyone who watched his most recent implosion of […]

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Bruins Rangers 10/23/10

Oct. × ’10

Despite some good shots, and outshooting the Rangers all night the Bruins couldn’t manage to get it done at all in the third period. The defense was depleted by the loss of Boychuck, and the team was in a hole from the word go. The Rangers showed up wanting it more and they got it. The first ten minutes had many fans flashing back to the uglier portions of last season and even the “Uncle Dave” era.

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Bruins Caps 10/21

Oct. × ’10

Period One: In the first period perhaps the premier one on one matchup in the NHL Zdeno Chara vs Alex Ovechkin was on display again. Ovi skated around intent on avenging every aspect of the loss two nights back. Zee matched the intensity shutting him down when he wasn’t throwing him down. Of no less […]

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Game time!

Oct. × ’10

Met these two on my way to my seat. Yes, yes they were a little pleased to see the season start. Also Thomas and #timmysmask led the home team out.

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Two Lies the NHL tells

Oct. × ’10

Most businesses lie, to themselves and to others. So the fact that the NHL does too isn’t shocking or unique except in one regard. Most businesses tell selfserving lies. The ones the NHL tells serve no purpose other than allowing them to hear their lips flap. Let’s start with the smallest of today’s lies: The […]

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Oct. × ’10

Can anyone sound more out of touch than Wilson? Clearly this one was an empty net tap in from a foot inside the bluepaint. The answer is no. Wilson has the most hysterical (in all senses of the word) meltdown of a coach in this yet young season. Can one goalie solidify their position? Well, […]

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5 Up: Bruins, Caps, Leafs and more

Oct. × ’10

Today’s 5 Up Can any coach sound more reality deficient than Ron Wilson after a very explainable loss that had little to do with two legitimate non goals today? Which way do the goaltending battles within the Bruins and Capitals go? Will one or both of tonight’s starters solidify their position, whoever they are? Can […]

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