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Jun. × ’10

There were just two other bloggers brave enough to take part in my UFA Challenge. They are Brian LeBlanc of NC Sports Talk and Ty Anderson Bruins blogger at Hockey Independent. One of the more interesting differences was on defense, where not a single man made all three squads. Lilja was on both mine and […]

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Scott Norton Interview

Jun. × ’10

Today’s interview is with Scott Norton of Norton Sports, former coach and player who is now agent to a number of hockey stars present and future. Krys Barch is one of your clients and there are reports he as been resigned to a two year deal just before free agency. Between the two of you, you must […]

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NHL UFA Challenge

Jun. × ’10

Back on June 2, I tossed the gauntlet out at the hockey blogging world.  Create a team off the UFA list, pick the first players to resign, keep it under the cap for next year, and keep the deals realistic. In other words no 65 year deals for a certain Russian winger. And no $200,000,000 […]

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Bruins Draft report card

Jun. × ’10

Any draft in which you can get a personable, self motivated, healthy high end player has to be considered at least modestly successful. When they player happens to be versatile, prolific, and comparable to Steven Stamkos and other players who deserve at least the tentative title of franchise corner stone the draft shouldn’t take much […]

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Leaked: Proposed Bruins Roster

Jun. × ’10

A contact of mine working in a hotel in Orange County faxed me a hotel napkin with what is believed to be Peter Chiarelli’s handwriting detailing the Bruins Roster and line assignments for the upcomig 2010-11 season. The scan I made of it is too grainy to upload, but here’s what it says: Lines: Savard […]

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Round One surprises and Non Surprises

Jun. × ’10

Wow round one was nearly as long as a baseball game, with all the drama of an entire MLB season. Players fell from the stars into merely high orbit, and others came over the horizon sewing chaos as general managers dared to reap the whirlwind. George McFee yet again failed to do anything to get […]

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5 reasons to keep Savard and or Thomas

Jun. × ’10

Thomas: 5) He’s a freaking Vezina winner stupid. 4) Despite at least two injuries Thomas had the same number of shutouts in eleven less games than the year he won the Vezina. 3) Thomas put up better post season numbers behind a poorer defensive unit than Rask did in the teams last two playoff appearances. […]

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10 draft day predictions

Jun. × ’10

10) There will be four or more deals in the first round. 9) A GM drafting between 10 and 30 will go off the chart with an unexpected pick. 8) Neither the Blue Jackets nor the Blue Shirts will draft Kabanov. 7) The Islanders will pick or trade for a goalie during draft weekend. 6) […]

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Why Savard and or Thomas should go

Jun. × ’10

5 Quick reasons each why Savard or Thomas should go Savard: 5) Cap Space. Honestly, unless Suave, Colborne or the like are showing more promise than even their biggest boosters think, this is a silly reason. About the only UFA forward still out there that could potentially be signed for 4 million a year and […]

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