After the first period its one zip Bruins. Marco Sturm reached around Carey Price and tucked home a puck that was snoozing in the blue paint after Marc Savard tore it off the boards, and dished it to Zdeno Chara who tossed the puck on net from the blueline through traffic.

Over all an ok period for the Bruins.

They got the power play working again. With Ryder, Ference, Chara, Sturm and Savard on the scoring unit.

They kept most of Montreals shots from the outside.

Several sloppy breakouts.

They got penned into their own zone for several long stretches.

It should be noted:
That a Habs ‘fan’ started calling Halak’s name after the one goal allowed.

And one of the best jokes over heard was:
Q) Why did LeBlanc go to Harvard this year instead of playing in Montreal?

A) He wanted better linemates.

More after period two.

The bright among you will notice I’m live at the game. For the curious look in section 15.

For those living under a rock the Bruins have made two trades so far today.

Matt Marquart (F) was shipped off for a defenseman. And a conditional 4th round pick was promised for 2007 4th round pick and Michigan player Kampfer.

With the (tentative) addition of Kampfer and Cody Wild, the Bruins make a much needed step towards addressing the organizations lack of depth on the blueline.

Price and Rask led their squads on to the ice.

As always there are a lkot of red jerseys, surprisingly there are even respectable ones like Richard and Lafleur.

More later.