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Gary Bettman The NHL’s Unifying Force

Sep. × ’13

One thing you can’t help but notice if you pay attention to the support structure (fans) for any entertainment is that there are cliques within each and every fandom. Fans will split off any given group into factions, and the diffusing of energy can lead to groups struggling, or even going to extent. In science […]

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Is Realignment Opening the Door To Blockbuster Trades

Dec. × ’11

One of the woes of fans, and occasionally teams over the last half decade has been the lack of ability for teams to address their teams needs by moving multiple players all at once to another team, or two teams. The Mike Richards to LA, Kovalchuk to the Devils and Phil Kessel to Toronto trades […]

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Realignment Redflags

Dec. × ’11

The NHL announced the realignment plan. Given some of the previous plans, it’s a fairly good option. But it does have several problems that just can’t be overlooked. Since the NHL has declined at this time to publish the divisional conference names, I’ve penciled in some provisional ones. The soon to be former Northeast Division […]

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“O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!”

May. × ’11

Over the course of the last four years one thing has been constant in certain quarters. A small slice of the fans, the squeakiest and shrillest of the media, and often the most outrageous of bloggers have called for the head of Claude Julien on a platter. From the first he’s been derided as boring. […]

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Views from the Ivory Tower

Feb. × ’11

I’ve never been a big fan of certain types of media institutions. Like other institutions where accountability is nonexistent, and who you know and what you know about them are more important measuring sticks for who gets ahead than quality of workmanship, intelligence and integrity things don’t bear much resemblance to any objective reality. When […]

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Tweaking the All Star game

Feb. × ’11

Much as any hockey purist would rather see the All Star game die a death as painful as it is to watch the tepid refraction of the highest sport while knowing real hockey could be played at that very moment.  The All Star game is the shuffle footed lurching zombie that has suddenly taken the […]

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Scott Norton Interview

Jun. × ’10

Today’s interview is with Scott Norton of Norton Sports, former coach and player who is now agent to a number of hockey stars present and future. Krys Barch is one of your clients and there are reports he as been resigned to a two year deal just before free agency. Between the two of you, you must […]

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