Mark My Words!

Tuukka Rask is done, finished, kaput! With his truly outrageous play, both this season, and against Philadelphia this spring he may be in the minors or on a team with a General Manager who has sucker painted on his forehead by the All-Star game.  Anyone who watched his most recent implosion of the season knows the “quality” of the first two goals against the New York Rangers. The Gaborik, Prospal and Drury deprived Rangers are 18th in the NHL in scoring, and Rask gave up two goals in 27 seconds like he had no control of them.

Then just compare his stats to the teams true number one goaltender. The most important one is Wins. Tim Thomas has more wins than Rask has appearances. Indeed, Thomas has more than twice the wins that Rask than that wretched backup has appearances. Then of course is the goals against average. One of the goalies has a passable percentage, the other is has a GAA so disgusting I can’t even type it out here. I will however say that it is 4.71 times larger than Thomas’s. I’ll let you figure out who that number belongs to. Of course any comparison of stats at this meaningful juncture of the season would be utterly pointless if it didn’t include reference to Sv%. As deep as we are into the season, it’s highly meaningful that Thomas has fought endlessly to entrench himself in the top two in this category, following only a goalie who has had an incredible number of starts. The fact that the other goalie is playing so many minutes and is also a rookie is impressive. Robin Lehner might earn the Hart, Vezina, and Calder this season if he can continue the pace he’s on.

On top of the play that has rarely approached ugly from the shady side, Rask has also shown vastly less maturity than could be desired off the ice. His blatant abuse of the privilege of media attention to falsely and maliciously lead them astray was reprehensible all on its own. If nothing more than a few mistaken headlines were at stake I’d be tempted to forgive the matter. But no, thousands of fantasy hockey owners were drawn into a false position due to his lies.  While it can be argued he never stated he was playing that night, he did nothing to dissuade the media who depend on truthful interviewees to best inform their readers, viewers and listeners from the belief he maliciously crafted.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words! In both actions and words Tuukka Rask has failed to live up to the extensive history of professional quality he once claimed as a legacy. That legacy has been thrown away, and he should be too.  Perhaps if we package a Toronto’s, our own and perhaps a prospect like Spooner or Suave we can get rid of him. Perhaps trading him to a team where we won’t have to worry about his play. Perhaps Vancouver can use them in their AHL affiliate and we can get Bieksa or Alberts in exchange. Or maybe Rask, Savard, and the two youngsters would be enough to woo Dallas into parting with Brad Richards. Either way there is no more controversy in Boston’s crease, not this late in the season.

A contact of mine working in a hotel in Orange County faxed me a hotel napkin with what is believed to be Peter Chiarelli’s handwriting detailing the Bruins Roster and line assignments for the upcomig 2010-11 season.

The scan I made of it is too grainy to upload, but here’s what it says:


Savard – Bergeron – Krejci

Caron – Colbourne – Seguin

Hamill – Arniel – Campbell

Nelson – Knight – Whitfield


Riendeau – Goggin

Tremblay – Soderberg

Sauve – Sexton

When contacted the Bruin’s office would only comment that Chiarelli felt it was a move towards providing more creativity at forward and finding enough puck moving defensemen to satisfy the teams needs.