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PuckSage Triple Deke NHL Draft Drinking Game

Jun. × ’14

It’s that time again gentle readers. We are at the beginning of a new epoch in the careers a couple hundred hopeful young men. Two hundred and ten of them will be drafted in Philadelphia. Many will be present, some will go high and hard, some will fall, and others will splash into the pool […]

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Top 10 Reasons For John Scott’s Hit on Loui Eriksson

Oct. × ’13

10: Loui Eriksson‘s well known fighting overawed him. 9: He was reading the instructions on his forearm that say “stick is for shooting the round black thing”. 8: It was a ploy to get the press to talk about anything other than how bad the team is. 7: It was a career ambition of John […]

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Top 10 Reasons For The Avalanche To Skip Jones

Jun. × ’13

Joe Sakic is on the record as having said the Avalanche will not take defenseman Seth Jones, who grew up an Avalanche fan with the number one pick. Instead a team with multiple top five picks at forward will take another forward at the first pick. 10.3: The Avalanche have decided to use the Edmonton […]

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The Chicago BlackHawks – Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Drinking Game

Jun. × ’13

It’s time for the last drinking game of the season (unless I do one for the draft) time to empty out the closet, and make sure you remember the results of the drinking game and possibly the series until fall when hockey starts up again. Take One Drink: You wish your local announce team were […]

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The Pittsburgh Penguins Boston Bruins ECF Double Fisted Drinking Game

Jun. × ’13

For this drinking game you’ll need two beverages. You mght want to pick drinks mathing your favorite team colors or just the two nearest things you can handle in volume. First Drink: Take One Sip: Every time scoring chances are mentioned. An opponent of from the previous round is mentioned. Jarome Iginla and Matt Bartkowski […]

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Top Ten Reasons For Oil Change

Apr. × ’13

The Edmonton Oilers made a very surprising change in leadership today. Here’s why. 10: Learning new names is hard. 9: Hiring people already familiar with Edmonton traffic will allow them to concentrate more on their  jobs and less on the commute. 8: Katz hates to have his expectations brought up and then have reality fall […]

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Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins Pre Trade Deadline Drinking Game

Mar. × ’13

This season the Buffalo Sabres were expected by many to challenge for the very last Northeast Division title. The Boston Bruins were expected by most to fight like hell to win the division again. So far the Sabres have fired a head coach, declared open season on their roster, and wallowed around the bottom of […]

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Top Ten: Reasons Lindy Ruff Was Fired

Feb. × ’13

After 170 head coaching changes elsewhere around the league, Darcy Regier (or whoever) finally decided they needed someone else to blame things on. Lindy Ruff is Buffalo Sabres coach no more. 10: They Sabres were winning to many games to have the best possible shot at drafting Seth Jones. 9: Darcy Regier promised Terry Pegula […]

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Top 10 Reasons November Games Were Cancelled

Oct. × ’12

Today NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced all of Novembers games would be wiped out, here’s why: 10:  The regular referees are all working elsewhere now and the only ones available are the ones the NFL had filling in, 9: Games aren’t going to be resumed until the last Rick Nash jersey in Columbus is sold. […]

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