John Tortorella has made this a fun post season. Not only is he doing his job and helping his team win, he’s adjusting and not throwing his players under the bus. Muckrakers hate that last bit. He’s flat out refused to discuss any single player and stuck to very simple true answers.

The muckrakers hate that too. Either an answer ignores the question or faces it. Ignoring a question (even a moronic one) would actually be rude. Answering it, on the other hand is about all media members should expect from anyone. The only people in a sports organization paid to make nice with the media are the PR guys (whatever their title) not the players, not the coaches, no one cares what the equipment managers think, and even the general managers have a fair amount of room to be themselves.

But make no mistake about it, Tortorella is drawing on his Masshole roots and applying shoe leather with malice aforethought. No one is breaking down the teams style of play and calling it boring. Gaborik who can’t seem to defend the puck from the newest member of a brownie troop hasn’t grabbed a single deadline. Ryan Callahan and Michael Del Zotto both being minus players in the series even though they had a three to zero win in game one hasn’t been mentioned. No one’s asked once if having Sean Avery around to potentially get in the head of Martin Brodeur might not help open the series up. Brandon Dubinsky? Who’s he?

Its shameful that the entitlement media can’t find a single story to work. Tortorella not being loquacious is about as Bettman being booed in any arena he steps in. The whiners should pop the pacifiers back in their mouths and at least pretend to be professionals and find something else to write about.

Watching the media is frequently dismaying, you can always be sure that the only peoples words who mean exactly what they they say they mean are the media themselves. Everyone else no matter how simple, transparent or obvious what they’ve said is has their words twisted twelve thousand ways. This makes it so much fun to watch people play the media. Some times it is players, general managers and coaches Allan Walsh (@Walsha) has a reputation for using social media and the press in pursuit of his clients benefit.

Dean Lombardi may have just won the media manipulation award for the year. After picking up one part of Party Inc from Philadelphia over the summer the world was treated to a barrage of “dry island” stories. They went on and on. The fact that the other half of Party Inc went to another city was seen or at least spun as indicative of how bad they were in the locker room. Of course these story’s only got attention after the trades, so one has to wonder how much was Philly management directing attention where they wanted it.

This week when Lombardi staged the biggest on ice reunion of the season by adding Jeff Carter to the LA Kings to go along with Mike Richards and the rest I’m sure several thousand rehashes of the dry island stories were two thirds written before the paperwork was dry in the NHL offices. Then an odd thing happened. A well liked, well respected, player who’s averaged 27 goals over the last four seasons, plays physically and is engaged in the community was heavily rumored to be available. This happened quite quickly after they acquired someone to help their 30th rank offense. In the same trade they gave up a former 1st round pick, and a first round selection. Somehow things got focused on this trade potential.

For several hours Dustin Brown (@DustinBrown23) became the most interesting man in the universe. No one was talking about Rick Nash and why the Kings settled for Carter or didn’t get both. No one was talking about dry island. No one was talking about the Kings residing in 10th place with less regulation or overtime wins than anyone but the Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild, Edmonton Oilers, or Columbus Blue Jackets. By some strange coincidence no one managed to get any attention for pointing out Jeff Carter’s having been just slightly healthier than Simon Gagne this year.  But hey, its not like the media is easily led or will take whatever easy story falls in their laps.