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Phaneuf Already

Sep. × ’14

So there’s a fascinating article up over at CBC.CA. Tony Care has taken it upon himself to blame Dion Phaneuf and his contract for all that is wrong with the Leafs, or at least that’s how it reads. According to the article Phaneuf isn’t a number one defenseman. Let’s take a look at that. Let’s […]

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Byfuglien: The Big Problem?

Jan. × ’14

Gary Lawless and other have decided that the Winnipeg Jets most recognizable defenseman, an All Star, Stanley Cup champion, and Olympian is just not good enough. When you compare him to some of the defenseman who make a similar amount of money, you can see where some complaints about his defensive struggles can creep in. […]

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What Gives: Patrice Bergeron On The Warpath

Dec. × ’13

The NHL has seen a lot of things in its time. Full fledged bench emptying brawls, skates that cut necks and knees, changes to the rules for icing, and even the glowing puck. Each of those has come and gone, and some will be seen again. The NHL and how it is perceived in the […]

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Evander Kane On The Move?

Nov. × ’13

The rumors surrounding Evander Kane have been higher hip waders for two plus years. There’s his supposed off ice issues. There’s the rift that is said to exist between he and management and or coaches. There’s the fact that fans in 29 cities not named Winnipeg that are home to NHL franchises would love to […]

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Kovalchuk Retirement: Whys

Jul. × ’13

The biggest story of the NHL off season isn’t a trade, an offer sheet, an unfortunate death or even an absurd signing. It is the retirement of one of the most talented players in the NHL. Ilya Kovalchuk announced he would be leaving the NHL and returning to Russia through the New Jersey Devils website […]

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The O’Reilly Factor

Feb. × ’13

The Avalanche are in the midst of yet another signing saga. At present they’ve spent the past eight months holding their leading faceoff man and leading scorer from last season by the choke chain known as “RFA status”. The other marks in O’Reilly’s favor are nothing to sneer at. He had two overtime tallies, led […]

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Inconceivable: Top RFA Forwards Remaining

Aug. × ’12

After writing up the top defensemen, I looked at the forwards and wondered if all the General Managers had taken vacation or just leave of their senses. The amount of talent left dangling is more than enough to fill out the top six for any team in the league.  In no particular oder, here are […]

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Justin Schultz, Free Agency and The CBA

Jul. × ’12

Yesterday Justin Schultz chose the Edmonton Oilers. Today his contract will be registered with the league. For the Anaheim Ducks this is an ugly blight on their off season. But things like this don’t happen in a vacuum. He was drafted back in 2008 and has had time to observe the Ducks organization in action […]

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Rask Rattling Or Already Rattled?

Jun. × ’12

The most asked, least answered question in regards to the Boston Bruins moves in the last four months has to be: Why do we need another goalie? The answer to that may just be that the Bruins suits lack confidence in the twenty-five year old Finn. Why would they lack confidence in what the constellation […]

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