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A series on how each team can improve for next season. This series will probably recur ever off season.

The Once And Future King?

Jan. × ’12

The Kings are one of seven teams to make a coaching change this season. It has improved their winning percentage, it hasn’t improved their scoring. The Kings are still last in the league in goals for. As has been mentioned before, they don’t have any viable left wings. On the left side they have Dustin […]

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Retooling The Habs

Nov. × ’11

The Montreal Canadiens have had two problems the past several years. The first is an injured and aging defense. The second is an undersized and not especially skilled forward group. Starting with the defensive unit, the injuries this season and last have actually been a mixed blessing. Without the various injuries I don’t think Subban […]

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Dynamite Time: The Detroit Red Wings

Nov. × ’11

Every dynasty has its end. The Hapsburgs, the Mings, the Boston Celtics, and so too does the Red Wings organization find itself at the end of its time as an elite power. It is one of those inevitabilities of  human history. Some times great dynasties come to an end because they simply run out of […]

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Bruins Draft report card

Jun. × ’10

Any draft in which you can get a personable, self motivated, healthy high end player has to be considered at least modestly successful. When they player happens to be versatile, prolific, and comparable to Steven Stamkos and other players who deserve at least the tentative title of franchise corner stone the draft shouldn’t take much […]

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How to get better

Jun. × ’10

LA: There’s a lot to love about the Kings. You’ve got one of the four or five most talented defensemen under 25 in Drew Doughty, and joining him on the blueline one of the shut down tandem from the Penguins most recent Cup win,  in Rob Scuderi, and then the highly regarded Jack Johnson. Up […]

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How to get better

Jun. × ’10

This series will focus on how each NHL team can prepare for next season. I’ll be doing a few teams at a time. Philadelphia : It’s hard to say what to tweak on a team that takes off in the playoffs, shows incredible resilience, has a ton of grit, and is a very deep team. […]

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