This is a (highly irregular) feature that will run whenever it amuses me featuring some of the more fantastically insane things I run across on the internet.

Today’s Learnin’:

You can tell someone is racist by the names of their kids and the color of their hockey helmet.


As a black hockey fan, I find myself filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to learn this. Truly, if it weren’t for this I would never, ever have certainty in my life. Now all I have to do is spend a few minutes smacking info into Google and wait for it to tell me the complete and unbiased truth. Well, assuming someone on twitter doesn’t tell me first. I will be forwarding this wondrous knowledge to my fellow darkies everywhere so they too can be safe and avoid getting hurt, persecuted by, cheated or a made fun of.  I am one hundred percent certain this will become the most read item on my blog and reference inserted into sociology textbooks across the globe.