5) With an over under of five shifts; How long will it take Buffalo’s “black ace” Cody McCormick to get down and dirty in an old school swing with a Bruins dance partner?

4) Can Doughty and the Kings keep Vancouver on its heels or will Luongo and company Burrows their way out of the slump they are in.

3) Will any player on either team leave game five in Boston with more points than the man who can claim seniority over everyone in the playoffs?

2) Will tonight be the night that of Carey’s resurrection as ‘Jesus Price Superstar’ or will his name be crossed out by Alexander Ovechkin ensuring he collects his thirty pieces of silver elsewhere next year?

1) Vezina nominee, Buffalo stalwart and real American hero Ryan Miller has signed a puck for President Obama. Will our Commander in Chief try and toss it over home plate or is there a small, small chance he understands a nod of respect towards hockey is good for America and American business?

5) It appears, that the Dan Boyle decided to take matters into his own hands and score a quick goal in the early going and get the fair weather fans back on his side, Nabokov played a solid game behind a defense that was solid if not spectacular.
4) We’ll know the answer to this one later, but I suspect a Tuesday night will not draw that many viewers. The Pittsburgh – Ottawa game had so little flow and soul I expect it could win American Idol.  Part of this was just some dumb play and like in the Flyers – Devils tilt the lions share rested on the plate of the officiating. I think both sets of officials were looking to be first star of the game.
3)  Well, maybe. You’ll have to decide what you think. Please note they like their tinfoil hats shiny side out and made of recycled materials.
2) Sadly no, the delightful and deluded fans proved that their is a bottom to the depth of Hab’s hatred. But fear not, anytime you feel the need for a stroll across the square at Memory & Twitter, just click here.
1) None that I saw, but then again I cried at the end of Old Yellar…

So today’s 5 Up questions focus on the second most important people in hockey, the fans.

5) How will Boyle and Nabokov be treated by fans when they step on the ice? Objectively speaking both were at fault for a truly stupendous gaffe that was but the frosting on a seven layer frustration cake.

4) Will fans tune into the games in higher numbers than the two records that have been set so far? Better still will any one other than Marty be cheered for the Devils?

3) Will the Vanspiracy folks manage to out do themselves?

2) Can all the jokes about #Canadienstactics continue right through game time and beyond?

1) Will any fans prove more gifted at foaming at the mouth than Buffalo fans as the playoffs continue? http://bit.ly/aK2PEj

Stay tuned and tweeted.

With three difference games we saw three ways to win. The Bruins came back to win a tight game on the strength of their defense. The Capitals reminded the hockey world they scored more than anyone in the regular season and led from the word go.  The Kings on the other-other hand decided to put on a special teams exhibition that just dared the officials to change the man count on ice.

5) Judging by the way the two teams played,  one would have to say the Bruins won this emotional battle with themselves. Sobotka get’s his first NHL fight, Wideman gets his first NHL playoff goal, and Bergeron get’s his first playoff Game Winner. The Sabres were in no way flat, but the Bruins had that extra it that it took to get the job done.

4) In a word, yes the Kings best can outplay the cream of the Canucks crop, but not without some bench support from Handzus and a pair of truly commanding special teams.

3) Pretty much.  While the Caps started and ended the game with the same guy shading the blue paint, the Habs had to embrace the man they have derided and ridiculed for little reason for the past two years.

2) Sorta, they did however skip showing part of a fight for no other reason than incompetence. But hey, they didn’t make the same mistake twice (in a row)!

1)  Only the war room in Toronto. On a goal that had nothing to indicate a distinct kicking motion the boffins and brain trust took roughly twice as long as the last lockout to make the wrong call.

The third period saw the hockey soup that is made out of grit & gristle, meat & madness, precision & patience and a touch of the grace of the hockey gods boil over. Andrew Ference got his face clawed by Rivet in a move reminicient of Mike Komisareks attack on Matt Hunwick, Vladimir Sobotka was jumped by Sekera and held his own in his first NHL fight against a much larger opponent.

The Bruins penalty kill was again perfect and robbed the Buffalo squad of any hope of momentum. Most importantly, the Boston Bruins who struggled at home kept their chins up and gutted out a win at home after going down to a team who can call on the services of the man who clearly deserves the Vezina, and the towering rookie sensation and probable Calder claimant Tyler Myers.

Almost 80 total hits on the night with Chara and Sobotka leading with six a piece,  Dennis Wideman had one of his best games in a Bruins uniform earning notches points on both goals.  Patrice Bergeron snapped his own scoring drought, and together Bergeron, Wideman, Rask and Vladimir Sobotka lead the Bruins to a 2-1 win and a 2-1 series advantage.

Bruins squandered a power play that had the whole unit of Bergeron, Krejci, Recchi, Chara and Hunwick play the full two minutes.

Sobotka drew a second penalty just moments later,  he’s playing for a contract next year and he know’s it. He may not end up here in Boston next year with the logjam of highly regarded prospects, in addition to Bergeron, Krejci and Savard, but if he plays this well the rest of the playoffs he’ll likely be playing in the NHL next year even if it is in a different teams uniform.

Sturm turned a powerplay int a holding the stick when he pressed someone stick into his stomach with his arm.

Bruins had great effort for most of the first twelve to fourteen minutes and then made some silly plays with Sturm and Ference getting caught retaliating.

The Bruins need to simply do what brought them to the dance in the third period:  Skate hard, hit smart and hard, and put the puck on net.

After Wideman’s earlier indications that he started the season injured (he wasn’t skating well, even for him) and that he’d had about the worst season of his career, some thought it was time to forgive and forget.  I think that he, Ryder and several others still have a lot of work to catch up on.

Early in the first period the Bruin’s put Miller under siege, and had little to show for it. When Mike Grier scores on a cross crease high glove shot, the Bruins were knocked back on their heels for most of the remainder of the period.  Sobotka started the turnaround by laying waste to Tyler Ennis, then setting up Wideman for his first career NHL playoff goal, and the tying goal.

A nice little scrum involving Paul Gaustad of the Sabres and the much smaller, very scrappy Andrew Ference brought the noise back from the Garden crowd.


After 1, Sobotka & Chara lead the Bruins with 3 hits each, Tim Kennedy has 3 for Buffalo.  Boychuck leads the Bruins with 8:40 of ice time.

Today’s 5 Up questions to be answered.

5) Which team will rally around their injured player better. The Sabres who just lost Vanek or the Boston Bruins who got to see Marc Savard skate for the first time since Matt Cooke tried to take his head off? Will these injuries be a factor or is the psychoemotional forge already hot enough?

4) Can Kopitar, Doughty and Quick keep the Sedin’s and Luongo from earning their time in the sun?

3) Will the tale of two creases that has been center stage in the Montreal Washington series continue to overshadow the rest of the drama?

2) Can Versus keep from posting the wrong scores and logos during intermissions and updates?

1) Will anyone show less urgency than yesterdays Devils?

This morning I asked five questions, now its time for the answers.

5) Meh, the Chicago vs Predators game was second best on the day. Despite the low score the Sharks vs Avalanche game was amazing. Everything else was a letdown.  The New Jersey Devils looked like someone had shoved Martin Brodeur out there with a supporting cast of high school players.  Best game of the day goes to the Coyotes and the Wings who at least played like it was  the playoffs.  The Coyotes lost captain Shane Doan to an ever more mystery shrouded injury and rallied to put the Wings half way to pasture.

4) Apparently the answer is no.  Pittsburgh led by three at one point and nearly got out of town with the score that way.  The Black Hawks had two goals in a shutout against the low octane Predators, but the game was tight. And the Colorado – San Jose game ended 1-0 in overtime.

3) Nope.

2) It appears that not only are Chicago’s young legs still willing and able, that Anti Niemi wants his name next to a couple more zero’s on his next contract.

1) Well, Anti Niemi did a solid job smothering 23 Nashville shots, but Craig Anderson stuck his fork in the Conn-Smythe steak and said 50 shots stopped.