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Detroit: The Answer is Simple

Jul. × ’14

Across the internet writers are asking the question “Why won’t anyone sign in Detroit this year?” that questions is pretty easy to answer even from the outside. The problem is getting the answer through to the inside. While Anton Stralman, Brad Richards and the rest of this years UFA class aren’t guys who are going […]

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Setting the Payscale: RFA’s Who Filed Pt 2

Jul. × ’14

For part 1 look here. Mattias Ekholm when you get your first taste of the NHL in a season when the whole team is struggling to only suck a little, its hard to saw where your talents (or lack their-of) end and the teams balance begins. Roughly 17 minutes a night is a sign your […]

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Setting the Payscale: RFA’s Who Filed Pt 1

Jul. × ’14

While correlation is not causation, it is interesting to note how many of the players who filed for arbitration are doing so as part of teams that have rather small amounts of cap space per player left and the need to fill multiple spots. The NHLPA put out this list of men who filed to […]

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Free Agency Winners and Losers

Jul. × ’14

With the bulk of the NHL’s best free agents signed, its time to look at who did best. Metropolitan Division Winners Washington Capitals: They were 21st in goals against last year. What did they do about it? They picked up two 21+ minute a night guys. One who averaged almost 3 minutes a night shorthanded, […]

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Peter’s Policy Palsy Pales

Jul. × ’14

In life, in business, in relationships and in the NHL, neither success nor failure are instant. On occasion it appears that a team or business has succeeded or failed in the blink of an eye, what you are seeing is that iceberg tip those final twenty stories of a skyscraper that bring it above the […]

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Pivotal Players: Free Agency Is Here

Jul. × ’14

With Jason Spezza already dealt the market has seen its first bellwether. We know what the trade value for a top level offensive center. At 31, there’s still a chance Spezza could sign long term and be a big part of the Dallas Star’s success in future. Who else will set the standard for guys […]

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Who the Bruins Must Trade And Why

Jun. × ’14

The Boston Bruins are as far into salary cap jail as any contending team since the Chicago Blackhawks ended their four decades long drought. They quite literally have to trade someone, and probably more than one person in order to be able to put a team on the ice in October. If they aren’t cap […]

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A Guide: Factors Of A Trade

Jun. × ’14

The salary cap, retirement, injuries, personality conflicts, and variable motivation are all among the factors that can and do lead to NHL trades. But how do you evaluate who needs to go in any given situation? Replaceability: Unless you’re going for a pure salary dump and going for an advantage in the draft Does the […]

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Step Behind The Bench

May. × ’14

At some point in an athletes career, they realize their time is done. For some it is when they can no longer get a contract, in other cases they simply can’t making it onto the ice or playing field. When its time to say good-bye to their time as a player, many paths are taken. […]

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