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The Seidenberg Void: Part 2

Jan. × ’14

Last time we looked at some remedial options, this post is on bigger moves or radical ideas that might fix it. Brooks Orpik The Pittsburgh Penguin defenseman was at the center of one of the years early controversies, concussing Loui Eriksson, and getting mauled by a Bruin after he repeatedly refused to drop the gloves. […]

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The Seidenberg Void: Part 1

Dec. × ’13

Dennis Seidenberg has been an invaluable bastion of calm, professional competence on the Boston Bruins blueline is done for the year. With any defenseman other than Seidenberg or Chara you’d shrug, examine the depth charts and medical reports and go forward. In this case however, especially with only one other veteran defender, Johnny Boychuk, that […]

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Stephen Weiss: Future Buyout?

Dec. × ’13

This summer the Florida Panthers an Stephen Weiss parted company. The 30 year old Toronto native had played 654 regular season games as a member of the Sunrise squad.  In all those seasons he only saw the playoffs once. When that time came to an end, he left for what many pencil in as a […]

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The Curious Case of Michael Del Zotto

Dec. × ’13

Last spring after being ousted from the playoffs by the Boston Bruins the New York Rangers were due for some change. They got it. A Stanley Cup winning coach was dismissed. In place of the fiery Tortorlla who’s bywords are; discipline, structure, consistency and effort is former Vancouver Canucks bench minder. It was expected that […]

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Playoff Picture: Who Stays In?

Nov. × ’13

It November 27th, one day before Thanksgiving in the United States of America and that’s about the time 80% or more of the playoff picture shakes out. Which teams will stay in the picture? Which are locks? Who’s most vulnerable to an injury or two that takes them out of the playoff picture? Let’s take […]

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On The Hot Seat: Coaches

Nov. × ’13

An NHL coaching job is nothing if not a reminder that all things are temporary. The Philadelphia Flyers made a coaching change, and improved. The Florida Panthers who are a lesser talent made a coaching change and they too improved.  There are teams struggling now, some because of talent, others because of execution.  And while […]

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Shoot the Shootout

Nov. × ’13

The shootout is one of the “innovations” in hockey that just doesn’t work. Like the glowing puck it was a nice idea as long as you ignore every fundamental and secondary thing wrong with it. Those faults are legion. It is time to put the shootout in the history books. Here’s the plan: The first […]

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The End To The Concussion Discussion

Nov. × ’13

The biggest single factor in dealing with concussions is that most, if not all of the techniques in use in sports are subjective. This means each time someone is sent for evaluation there is a high risk of something going wrong. The person administering the test could be incompetent. The person taking the test could […]

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Canadiens Need One Thing

Nov. × ’13

The Montreal Canadiens are only lacking one thing to keep them from being a top team in the NHL. They have a goaltender in Carey Price who is more than doing his part. A .929 sv% is more than many teams can hope for from their starter. Doing it in 15 of 18 games, which […]

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