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Who the Bruins Must Trade And Why

Jun. × ’14

The Boston Bruins are as far into salary cap jail as any contending team since the Chicago Blackhawks ended their four decades long drought. They quite literally have to trade someone, and probably more than one person in order to be able to put a team on the ice in October. If they aren’t cap […]

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A Guide: Factors Of A Trade

Jun. × ’14

The salary cap, retirement, injuries, personality conflicts, and variable motivation are all among the factors that can and do lead to NHL trades. But how do you evaluate who needs to go in any given situation? Replaceability: Unless you’re going for a pure salary dump and going for an advantage in the draft Does the […]

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Step Behind The Bench

May. × ’14

At some point in an athletes career, they realize their time is done. For some it is when they can no longer get a contract, in other cases they simply can’t making it onto the ice or playing field. When its time to say good-bye to their time as a player, many paths are taken. […]

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How The Boston Bruins Fell.

May. × ’14

The President’s Trophy winning Boston Bruins are going to be watching the final two rounds of the playoffs from Slovakia, Finland, Toronto, and Michigan and points all over the world. What they won’t be doing is playing any more. For a number of reasons, and with the play of several players being disappointing, they didn’t […]

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Keys To The Series: Bruins versus Canadiens

May. × ’14

We’re four games into the latest battle in a playoff war that stretches back to before the grandparents of several players on either side were born. We’ve seen one goaltender continue a career year, one defensemen further etch his name into league history, a call up redefine the series with a single shot, and a […]

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Conn-Smythe Watch

May. × ’14

With each first round series begun, it is time to take our first serious look at who might be carrying around the extra hardware this summer. Before we get to the men still playing there are some honorable mentions that had individually stellar first rounds. Out west that list is headed by pending UFA Paul […]

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Round Two First Look

May. × ’14

The division finals begin tonight. Of the sixteen teams that started the big dance, eight have gone home. Left standing are an array of teams from the easily predictable to the somewhat surprising. Tonight we begin to separate the challengers from the true contenders. In the west, the Los Angeles Kings will visit their nearest […]

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Round One Rewind

May. × ’14

The first round of the playoffs may have been the best opening round as a whole in years. The Columbus Blue Jackets traded blows and goals with the Pittsburgh Penguins and had the Metropolitan division winners looking just a bit weak. The loss of David Backes due to a suspend-able hit by Brent Seabrook was […]

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Its The Matchup Silly

Apr. × ’14

In most sports relative skill levels are the magic smoke in the ox that determines the outcome of games, specifically playoff games. In the NHL more than other major league sports there are other factors that obliterate the relevance of the skill level of the two or three best players. Health is often a big […]

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